30 + Vietnamese New Year Greetings and Wishes 2024

Welcome to our blog, where we explore the traditions and celebrations of Vietnam during the exciting Vietnamese New Year in 2024. During this special time, people gather, enjoy tasty food, and share wishes for a great year ahead. In this blog post, we will learn about Vietnamese New Year greetings and wishes, which are important ways to show love, respect, and good luck to family and friends. Whether you want to use traditional phrases, express blessings for abundance, or simply send warm greetings, we have put together a collection of Vietnamese New Year messages to help you convey your best wishes and join in the joy of this celebration. Come with us as we discover the wonderful world of Vietnamese New Year greetings and wishes, and embrace the warmth and positivity of this festive season.

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Vietnamese New Year Greetings and Wishes 2024

  • May the New Year be filled with prosperity and happiness!

  • Wishing you peace, wealth, and success in 2024!

  • Hoping everything will go your way in the New Year!

  • Here’s to abundant health throughout 2024!

  • Wishing you a prosperous and wealthy New Year!

  • May happiness overflow in your life this year!

  • To brilliant success in all your endeavours this year!

  • Wishing you luck and fulfilment in abundance for 2024!

  • May harmony bless your family throughout the New Year.

  • Hoping for a complete and joyful life in the coming year

  • Aspire for great wealth and good fortune this Vietnamese New Year.

  • Here’s to a peaceful year without troubles or worries.

  • May you gallop towards success swiftly this year.

  • Congratulations on your prosperity, may it grow this New Year.

  • Wishing you unexpectedly good health throughout 2024.

  • With the New Year comes new victories to claim.

  • May you find prosperity and wealth in every corner this New Year.

  • Wishing your life to be brimming with happiness this year!

  • To a year of dazzling successes and achievements.

  • May harmony reign within your family all through the New Year.

  • Wishing for a fulfilling life filled with joy this coming year.

  • Aspire for immense wealth and good fortune this Vietnamese New Year.

  • Here’s to a peaceful year free from troubles or worries.

  • May your path lead swiftly towards triumphs this year.

  • Rejoice in growing prosperity as we celebrate the New Year together.

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Vietnamese New Year Wishes For Elders Quotes

  • Wishing you good health and longevity this New Year.

  • May you continue to be the guiding light for younger generations.

  • Hoping the New Year brings you much joy and luck.

  • Wishing you peace and prosperity in the coming year.

  •  May family bonds grow stronger around you throughout the New Year.

  • Happy New Year, wishing you a year filled with happiness and love.

  • Your health is paramount; here’s to abundant well-being!

  • – Thank you for being our constant inspiration. Happy New Year!

  • This New Year, I sincerely pay tribute and wish serenity upon you.

  • Let the dreams of youth continue in your spirit through the years.

  • May the light of your wisdom and compassion forever shine bright.

  • Wishing that happiness and health always accompany your golden years.

  • Your knowledge and life experience are silent treasures for the younger generation.

  • As we welcome a new cycle, hoping your lives remain calm and tranquil.

  • This Tet, I seek not only fortune but also blessings from my filial piety toward elders.

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Vietnamese New Year Wishes For Elders in English

  • May the New Year bring you a garden of joy and a peaceful heart.

  • Wishing you countless moments of laughter and good health in the year ahead.

  • Honouring your wisdom this New Year, may it be as rich and deep as your life stories.

  • With reverence for your years, may 2024 be filled with serenity and contentment.

  • May each day of the New Year glow with warmth for our respected elders.

  • Cherishing the lessons you’ve taught us, may your year be bright and fulfilling.

  • Happy New Year to our guiding stars, may your journey through 2024 be smooth sailing.

  • Your strength is our inspiration; wishing you a robust and vibrant New Year!

  • To those who hold our history, may the future bring you comfort and joy aplenty.

  • As we step into another year, we celebrate the love and guidance of our elders.

  • Sending wishes for health to light up every corner of your New Year!

  • A toast to longevity and happiness – may these gifts flourish in your life this year.

  • Celebrating the grace of age – may peace follow you every step through 2024.

  • Grateful for all that you are, wishing you a prosperous Vietnamese New Year!

  • Let’s ring in harmony to accompany all that is wise and wonderful about our elders this year.

  • Sprinkling joy on those whose lives have sprinkled wisdom on ours – Happy New Year!

  • For all the sacrifices made, my wish is that this year repays them in full measure.

  • May laughter be ever-present at your table throughout this promising new chapter.

  • Your presence is a blessing; here’s hoping the New Year blesses you back tenfold.

  • As lanterns rise high into new beginnings, so too may your spirits soar this year.

  • Cheers to health that rivals youthfulness — Happy Vietnamese New Year!

  • With deepest respect: May tranquillity fill every day of yours in 2024.

  • Embracing tradition with a heartfelt “Chúc Mừng Năm Mới” to our beloved elders!

  • Here’s to another beautiful sunrise on the days of those who brighten our tomorrows.

  • Many smiles find their way easily to those faces we’ve come to love over many years.

  • In appreciation for years past, bestowing upon you wishes for an equally grand future.

  • Praying that comfort wraps around you like a warm shawl throughout these twelve months.

  • To seasoned hearts beat strong — Wishing wellness surrounds each day anew!

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Vietnamese New Year Greetings and Wishes In Other Languages

  • Happy New Year in Vietnamese is “Chúc Mừng Năm Mới, but let’s spread the festive spirit across languages!

  • ¡Feliz Año Nuevo Vietnamita! – Spanish wishes for a joyful Vietnamese New Year celebration.

  • Bonne Année Vietnamienne ! – French greetings for a prosperous Vietnamese New Year.

  • Frohes Vietnamesisches Neujahr! – German salutations for an auspicious start to the Vietnamese New Year.

  • 新年快乐越南 (Xīnnián kuàilè Yuènán)! – Mandarin Chinese for a Happy Vietnamese New Year.

  • Buon Capodanno Vietnamita! – Italian well-wishes for a delightful Vietnamese New Year.

  • Gelukkig Vietnamees Nieuwjaar! – Dutch blessings for a fantastic Vietnamese New Year ahead.

  • 明けましておめでとうベトナム (Akemashite omedetou Betonamu)! – Japanese congratulations on the arrival of the Vietnamese New Year.

  • 새해 복 많이 받으세요 베트남 (Saehae bok mani badeuseyo Betenam)! – Korean wishes of fortune and happiness on the Vietnamese New Year.

  • Gott Nytt Vietnamesiskt År! – Swedish cheers to good health and prosperity during the Vietnamese New Year.

  • Feliz Ano Novo Vietnamita! – Portuguese celebrations and happiness wished upon you this Vietnamese New Year.

  • Καλή Βιετναμέζικη Πρωτοχρονιά! (Kalí Vietnameziki Protochroniá!) – Greek hopes for peace and joy in your heart during the Vietnamese festivities.

  • Sretna Vijetnamska Nova Godina! – Croatian desires for love, success, and laughter throughout the year.

  • Feliç Any Nou Vietnamita! – Catalan aspirations of prosperity as you step into the new cycle with joy.

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