Sisterly Love on Valentine’s Day: Unique Wishes to Share

Valentine’s Day is a day to share love. It’s not just for boyfriends or girlfriends. We can show love to our sisters too. This blog will help you find the best way to tell your sister you love her on Valentine’s Day. We have many kind messages you can use.

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Funny Valentine’s Day Wishes For Sister


  • Sis, you’re the sprinkles on the cupcake of life. Don’t let anyone steal your sparkle this Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day my sister who has seen me through more crushes than a recycling plant.

  • Who needs a valentine when I have a sister who knows all my most embarrassing moments?

  • They say love is blind, I’m pretty sure it just doesn’t want to witness our sisterly shenanigans. Happy V-Day!

  • To my sister: Remember when we thought cooties were scary? Well, turns out adulting is worse! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, no sibling rivalry today—I love you!

  • This V-Day, remember that wine is cheaper than therapy and so is texting your sister. Cheers to us!

  • For Valentine’s Day, I got you the gift of not having to borrow my clothes for an entire day. You’re welcome.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to someone who has exquisite taste in siblings!

  • Here’s to spending this day celebrating our true loves: chocolate and Netflix marathons.

  • Valentine’s tip from your wiser sis: Avoid people who don’t like dessert—you don’t need that negativity in your life.

  • On February 14th, may your day be as sweet as the cookies we used to sneak from the kitchen together.

  • A toast to the sister whose secrets are safe with me—at least until you forget it’s my turn for chores again.

  • Hope cupid treats you better than when we used to play darts – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Sending lots of love and maybe a little bit of sibling mockery this Valentine’s Day.

  • Remember how we would craft those homemade Valentines? Let’s stick with store-bought from now on.

  • Sister: My first friend, my forever friend…and my eternal partner in deciding where to eat out.

  • Here’s to the sister who knows all my secrets but loves me anyway—let’s keep that up this Valentine’s Day!

  • May your Valentine’s be filled with as much love as the of times you’ve borrowed my stuff without asking.

  • Happy V-Day to my built-in bestie, therapist, and fashion consultant—all in one!

  • Remember, sis, true love is like ghosts; which everyone talks about but few have seen. Here’s to finding the non-boo kind!

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve got the best sister—wait, that’s you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If we were a pack of candies, I’d pick you out and keep you every time. Have a sweet one today!

  • On this day of love and chocolate, remember calories don’t count when you’re as fabulous as us. Enjoy it!

  • To my partner in crime: May your day be full of love (and maybe just a tiny bit less chaotic than our childhood).

  • Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s as fun and fabulous as our dance-offs in pyjamas used to be.

  • Who needs Cupid when I have a sister who can shoot arrows of sarcasm right at my heart? Love ya!

  • Let’s celebrate the perfection of sibling love—it involves way less drama than a rom-com.

  • Valentine’s Day is for sharing love…which doesn’t include my wardrobe. Keep out!

  • To the girl who has been both my shadow and sunshine – may your Valentine’s Day sparkle!

  • Here’s hoping your Valentine’s chocolates are half as sweet and twice as nutty as our childhood memories.

  • Sis on V-Day: Remember not to settle for anyone who doesn’t know how awesome unicorns are.

  • Sending some sibling solidarity this Feb 14th – because being related to me is gift enough!

  • Here’s wishing that your secret admirer turns out better than any imaginary friend we ever had.

  • You deserve someone who appreciates your unique ability to argue over anything…like us!

  • If laughter is the language of love then expect an essay from me today – Happy Valentine’s Sis!

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Short Valentine’s Day Wishes For Sister


  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the sister who stole my heart (and occasionally my clothes).

  • Wishing a sweet day to my sweet sister. Happy V-Day!

  • Sis, you deserve all the love and chocolate today.

  • Roses are red, our sibling bond is unbreakable. Love you this Valentine’s!

  • Your love and laughter light up every day, not just Valentine’s.

  • Here’s to a heart-filled day for a heart warming sister.

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day sparkles as much as you do!

  • To the best sister ever – sending you lots of love today!

  • May your V-Day be filled with joy and your favourite treats.

  • You’re not just my sister but also one of my greatest Valentines.

  • Love blossoms everywhere but always first in our hearts. Happy Valentine’s sis!

  • Wishing endless happiness to the person who knows me best on this day of love.

  • Celebrating the irreplaceable bond we share—happy hearts’ day, dear sister.

  • Valentine’s Day hugs are flying your way – catch them with love!

  • To a special sis: May Cupid hit mark with loads of affection for you today!

  • Cherishing our memories and looking forward to more. Have an amazing V-Day!

  • Cheers to a sister whose presence in life is like receiving flowers daily. Enjoy today!

  • Sending warm wishes wrapped in love to the person who shares my childhood – happy V-Day!

  • May all the sweetness in the world find its way to you on this lovely day!

  • A sister as lovely as you deserves all the love in the world this Valentine’s Day.

  • Wishing a day of love, laughter, and all things pink to my fabulous sis!

  • Happy Valentine’s, to a sister who brings joy into every room—especially mine when you’re not stealing my stuff.

  • May your day be as wonderful as the bond we share. Love you tons on V-Day and always!

  • Sis, may your Valentine’s Day be as sweet as our secret midnight snack times.

  • Here’s to the girl who deserves an ocean of love today – have a splashy Valentine’s!

  • Love you more than all the stars in the sky this Valentine’s Day, dear sister.

  • To my first friend and forever confidant – wishing you a blissful Valentine’s Day filled with love.

  • You are loved more than words can say – especially on this heart-filled day. Enjoy it, sis!

  • Valentine wishes to my partner in sassiness and classiness – have a great one!

  • For all the shared secrets and dreams: Happy V-Day to a sister like no other.

  • Sending a bear hugs your way for a cosy and loving February 14th. Stay awesome, sis!

  • May flowers of love bloom brightly around you today and every day after. Happy V-Day!

  • Your kindness is contagious; hope your V-Day is outrageous! Have fun, sis.

  • On this day dedicated to love, I celebrate having you as my lifelong valentine—my sister.

  • Overflowing gratitude for having an amazing sibling like you this Valentine’s Day.

  • A little note for a lot of love—wishing my favourite person a very happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Roses wilt but our sisterly bond will forever bloom beautifully. Have an amazing day!

  • Cheers to the girl who makes everyday feel like Valentine’s with her sweet nature.

  • I’m only me because I have you by my side—not just on V-Day but every single moment.

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Valentine’s Day Quotes For Sister in English



  • To my sister on Valentine’s Day: You’re my forever friend and partner in crime.

  • Happy Valentine’s to the girl who makes every giggle worth a thousand words.

  • A sister’s love is like a beacon of joy that never fades—especially today.

  • Wishing a day filled with love and chocolate to someone sweeter than both: you, sis!

  • Here’s to the memories we cherish and the future ones we’ll make—Happy V-Day!

  • On this day of hearts, remember you’ve always been mine since day one.

  • Having you as my sister is like having a valentine for life.

  • Your laughter fills our home with love—not just on Valentine’s but every single day.

  • Sending heartfelt wishes to my first-ever valentine—you set the bar pretty high!

  • Valentine’s Day reminds me how lucky I am to have an amazing sister like you

  • May your smile be as big as your heart today, dear sis.

  • For all our shared secrets and dreams, for all our laughter and schemes—love you on V-Day and always.

  • Cheers to another year of being each other’s most reliable valentines.

  • To the keeper of my childhood tales and adult triumphs — Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You add colour to every moment; thanks for painting my world with happiness.

  • Sisterly love is unmatched—it grows stronger with every passing moment. Celebrate that bond today!

  • Wishing an extraordinary Valentine’s Day to an extraordinary sister. May it be as fabulous as you are!

  • Sister, may your Valentine’s Day be as delightful as the chaos we used to make when we were kids.

  • Celebrating the irreplaceable bond of sisterhood on this day of love.

  • Your presence is a constant reminder that the best things in life aren’t things, but sisters.

  • To my partner in all things life throws our way: Have a heart-filled Valentine’s Day.

  • Valentine’s Day just an official day to recognize what we know every day: we have each other’s backs

  • Wishing a sweet and joyful Valentine’s Day to my first and forever gal pal.

  • May today be filled with chuckles over shared childhood memories and dreams for the future.

  • Here’s to my sister, who doubles as my personal cheerleader every February 14th…and every other day!

  • You’ve been my wingwoman since day one; hope today brings you all the love you deserve.

  • A sister like you deserves all the cupcakes and sparkles that Valentine’s Day can offer.

  • Let’s celebrate our lifelong camaraderie with lots of love (and maybe some friendly teasing) today!

  • Sisters by chance, valentines by choice. Wishing you happiness today and always.

  • Thankful for having a sister whose heart is as big as her sense of humour this Valentine’s Day.

  • Sending a virtual hug loaded with affection across the miles this V-Day – catch it if you can!

  • Happy Valentine’s to someone who has shared both dollhouses and dreams with me: my lovely sis.

  • Cheers to having a built-in BFF by default—no need for Cupid when I have you!

  • Hope your V-Day is filled with moments as precious as our bond — enjoy it thoroughly!

  • To the most stellar sister out there, may your day beam with joy and love. Happy Hearts’ Day!

  • Remember how we used to trade candy? Now let’s trade stories of love and laughter on this special day.

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Valentine’s Day Wishes For Sister In Other Languages



  • May your heart be as warm as a Spanish summer afternoon — Feliz Día de San Valentín, hermana.

  • To my sister, with love from across the miles — Buon San Valentino, sorella mia.

  • Sending you all my love on this day of hearts — Люблю тебе, сестричко. (Ukrainian for “Love you, sister.”)

  • A bouquet of good wishes for you on Valentine’s Day – Glücklichen Valentinstag, Schwester.

  • Sister, may your day be filled with happiness and love – Srećan Dan zaljubljenih, sestro. (Serbian)

  • With hugs and kisses to my dear sister – Gelukkige Valentijnsdag! (Dutch)

  • Cherishing our bond that knows no borders – Hyvää ystävänpäivää! (Finnish for “Happy Valentine’s Day!”)

  • Joyeuse Saint-Valentin to the one who shares my memories and dreams.

  • Ti amo più ogni giorno – I love you more each day. Buon San Valentino!

  • From one heart to another across the distance — С Днем святого Валентина! (Russian)

  • Wishing a world of love to my wonderful sister – Kalá Agápēs échete! (Greek for “Happy Love Day!”)

  • Feliz Dia dos Namorados para minha irmã querida – lots of Brazilian warmth coming your way!

  • My dear sis, may your day be sweet like chocolates — 爱你的心形巧克力一样甜。 (Chinese)

  • For all the laughter and tears we’ve shared — Gelukkige Valentijnsdag mijn zus.

  • Let’s celebrate our lifelong friendship today — عيد حب سعيد يا أختي. (Arabic)

  • May this Valentine’s illuminate your life like a Paris evening – Joyeuse Saint-Valentin ma soeur.

  • Herzliche Grüße zum Tag der Liebe und Freundschaft – sending heartfelt greetings to you.

  • Kocham Cię z całego serca – I love you with all my heart. Wszystkiego najlepszego w Walentynki!

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