Two-in-One Celebration: Memorable Valentine Birthday Quotes

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Sometimes, people also have their birthday on this day. This makes the day extra special. But, what do you say to them? Don’t worry, this blog can help. We have put together some special Valentine Birthday Quotes. These quotes are full of love and good wishes for their birthday. They are perfect for a friend, a loved one, or a family member. Let’s look at these lovely quotes to make their day really special.

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Valentine Birthday Quotes For Friend

  • Happy Valentine’s Day and joyous birthday wishes to my dear friend; you are loved beyond words.

  • Celebrating love and your special day simultaneously is double the joy!

  • Roses are extra red, violets extra blue, on this unique day made just for you.

  • May love and laughter fill your Valentine’s birthday in every way.

  • Your birth on the day of love is a gift to those who know you; happiest of birthdays!

  • With each passing year, your kind heart reflects the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

  • A toast to you on this special occasion, where we celebrate both love and your life.

  • You’re not just a year older but also a year more loved on this February 14th.

  • Valentine’s Day will always be sweeter because it’s the day you were born.

  • Wishing my cherished friend a birthday filled with happiness and hearts.

  • On this double celebration, may all the love you give come back to you tenfold.

  • Your smile brightens any day, but today it outshines even Cupid’s best arrows.

  • Heartfelt wishes for a birthday as wonderful as the friendship we share.

  • Every Valentine’s Day reminds me how lucky I am to call you my friend.

  • Sending warmest thoughts and hugs on your doubly special day – enjoy every moment!

  • May flowers bloom brighter today as we honour your presence in our lives.

  • Your birthday is nature’s way of giving us one more reason to spread love around.

  • Cheers to another year of being fabulous and loved by all who know you!

  • Love surrounds us every February 14th, but today it dances just for you.

  • Here’s celebrating the most loving person I know on their very own Valentine Birthday!

  • May your heart be full of love and your life full of happiness – especially today.

  • Let’s raise a toast to a friend who embodies love not just today but every day.

  • A very happy birthday to my valentine-born friend! Your presence is the best gift there is.

  • Today we celebrate both friendship and romantic love because of you – Happy Birthday!

  • Wishing you a day filled with loving moments and cherished memories, just like those you’ve given me.

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Valentine’s Day Birthday Celebrities

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday to the stars who light up our screens and lives.

  • Celebrating the dual delights of love and fame on this special day for celebrity birthdays.

  • Roses are red, spotlights are bright, best birthday wishes to those born tonight.

  • To the celebrities sharing their birthday with cupid, may your year be as sensational as your careers.

  • Hollywood’s Valentine babies receive double the cheers and double the celebration.

  • A toast to the famous faces born on this day of hearts — your talents make our world richer.

  • Here’s to the stars born on February 14th, whose performances capture our hearts year-round.

  • May love and applause fill your special day, just as you fill our lives with entertainment.

  • Red carpets and heart-shaped balloons for those in Tinseltown celebrating today.

  • Spotlight’s on you, Valentine’s Day celebs, as you blow out your candles and bask in adoration.

  • Wishing a fabulous birthday to the icons sharing this day with Saint Valentine himself.

  • A star-studded birthday affair for those gracing both big screens and Valentine cards.

  • Cupid has nothing on the charm of celebrities who entered the world on February 14th.

  • Valentine’s Day is sweeter thanks to the birth of actors who steal scenes and hearts alike.

  • Born under a sign of love: Happy Birthday to those celebrities who are perennial Valentines.

  • To performers who share this loving day with us all — may it be filled with joy and fanfare.

  • Here’s celebrating dual fame — famed for talent, famed for a Valentine’s birth date!

  • In a scene-stealing moment worthy of any script, we cheer for celebrity birthdays today.

  • For every star shining from stage or screen born today – may love always be in your script.

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Valentine Birthday Quotes In Other Languages

  • Amor y felicidad en tu cumpleaños de San Valentín. (Spanish: Love and happiness on your Valentine’s birthday.)

  • Alles Liebe zum Valentinstagsgeburtstag! (German: All the love on your Valentine’s birthday!)

  • Joyeux anniversaire et bonne Saint-Valentin! (French: Happy birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • Felice compleanno e buon San Valentino! (Italian: Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • Feliz aniversário e Feliz Dia dos Namorados! (Portuguese: Happy birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • С Днем Рождения и с Днем Святого Валентина! (Russian: Happy Birthday and Happy St. Valentine’s Day!)

  • 祝你情人节生日快乐!(Chinese Simplified: Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day birthday!)

  • 사랑하는 날에 태어나서 생일 축하해요. (Korean: Born on a day of love, happy birthday to you.)

  • ハッピー・バースデー、そしてバレンタインデーおめでとう!(Japanese: Happy Birthday, and also a happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • Grattis på födelsedagen och alla hjärtans dag! (Swedish: Congratulations on your birthday and all hearts’ day!)

  • Gelukkige verjaardag en Gelukkige Valentijnsdag! (Dutch: Happy Birthday and a Happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • Mutlu Yıllar ve Sevgililer Günün kutlu olsun! (Turkish: Happy Birthday and may your Valentine’s Day be blessed!)

  • Tillykke med fødselsdagen og glædelig Valentinsdag! (Danish: Congratulations on your birthday and happy Valentine’s Day!)

  • La mulți ani și un Sfânt Valentin fericit! (Romanian: Many years to you and a happy Saint Valentine’s!)

  • Gratulerer med dagen og god valentinsdag! (Norwegian: Congratulations on the day and have a good Valentine’s Day!)

  • S dnem narodžennja i ščaslivym Dnem svjatoho Valentyna! (Ukrainian: Happy birthday and happy St. Valentine’s Day!)

  • Boldog születésnapot és Bálint-napot kívánok! (Hungarian: I wish you a happy birthday and St. Valentine’s Day!)

  • Laimīgu dzimšanas dienu un mīlestības pilnu Valentīndienu! (Latvian: Happy birthday and love-filled Valentine’s Day!)

  • Su gimtadieniu ir laimingos Švento Valentino dienos! (Lithuanian: With birthday greetings and a joyful St. Valentine’s day!)

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