100+ Short Halloween Captions for Instagram,Facebook [2023]

Halloween is a very famous event in the history. People share his story on social media platforms like Instagram during this event. Using Instagram captions attracts more of an audience to your post. Select the best Halloween caption to make your post more attractive. Short and unique captions attract more and increase your fan following.

Famous Captions

1. “Hallow-queen of the night.”

2. “Creepin’ it real this Halloween.”

3. “Eat, drink, and be scary!”

4. “Trick or treat yourself!”

5. “Here for the boos.”

6. “Too ghoul for school.”

7. “#SquadGhouls”

8. “Keep calm and carry a wand.”

9. “Ghouls just wanna have fun!”

10. “Getting my witch on!”

11. “Life is gourd when it’s Halloween.”

12. “Feeling fang-tastic this All Hallows’ Eve.”

13. “Witch better have my candy.”

14. “If you’ve got it, haunt it.”

15.”I’m here for the pumpkin spice.”

16.”Bugs & hisses to all my witches out there!”

17.”Straight outta coffin.”

18.“A boo-tiful night under the stars.”

19.“Mummy of the year.”

20.“No tricks, just treats!”

21.“Spooktacular vibes only.”

22.”Fright Night has begun!”

23.“Boo Felicia!”

24.“Resting witch face.”

25.”This is where the magic happens.”

26.”The ghostess with the mostess.”

27.”Bad to the bone-chilling cold!”

28.”Hocus Pocus and chill?”

29.”Shake your BOOty!”

30.”Every day is Halloween in my soul.”

31. “Bewitched and bedazzled!”

32. “Candy collectors on duty!”

33. “Just hanging out with my ghoul-friends.”

34. “Pumpkin spice up your life.”

35. “I’m batty about Halloween.”

36. “This night is brew-tiful!”

37. “Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.”

38. “Feeling spooktacular.”

39. “Ready, set, ghoul!”

40.”Make no bones about it, I love Halloween.”

41.”Don’t be a scaredy-cat; it’s just Halloween!”

42.”Unmasking the night one scare at a time.”

43.”Halloween: The one day where it’s okay to be a little corny.”

44.”Spooky season is upon us!”

45.”Ghostly greetings from me to you!”

46.“Zombies eat brains, so you’re safe.”

47.“Living the haunt couture lifestyle.”

48.”Feeling boo-tiful on this haunted night.”

49.“Goblin love: when he’s your boo!”

50.“Life is scary; find your boo.”

51.”Witch way to the candy?”

52.“Squad ghouls for life.”

53.“Let’s have some skele-fun!”

54.“Get in spirit – Halloween’s here!”

55.”There’s magic in the nightmare.”

56.”A real witch in disguise.”

57.”Halloween puns are so corn(candy)-y.”

58.”Straight out of horror story.”

59.”I’m 99% sure I am a Disney villain on Halloween”

60.”Who needs superheroes when you have monsters?

61. “Fright this way, my pretties!”

62. “Living for more than just pumpkin spice.”

63. “Under the full moon’s spell.”

64. “Just witchful thinking.”

65. “A haunting we will go.”

66. “Broom hair, don’t care.”

67. “Chills and thrills await.”

68. “Halloween is not a time, it’s a state of mind.”

69.“Halloween vibes are in the air.”

70.”Isn’t every night a dark and stormy one?”

71.”Fall-ing into the Halloween spirit.”

72.”Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!”

73.”I’m all wrapped up in Halloween!”

74.“Monsters aren’t real? Ghost of a chance!”

75.”Life with you is just boo-tiful.”

76.”Not every witch lives in Salem.”

77.”Have your elf a scary little Halloween”

78.”Be the ghostess with the mostest.”

79.“Keep calm and say boo!”

80.”Spirits rise on Halloween night.”

81.”Let’s have some skele-fun!”

82.”Every day is Halloween, isn’t it?”

83.“Carving out good times at Halloween!”

84.“Can I witch-a happy Halloween?”

85.”The party has arrived – let’s get spooky!”

86.“If you can’t stir with the big girls, stay off the broom.”

87.”Hanging out with my ghouls tonight.”

88.“All treats, no tricks here!”

89.”On October 31st, all hail to pumpkin pie”

90.”My broomstick runs on scares today”

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Halloween captions in different languages:


91. “Noche de brujas, noche de encanto.” (Witch’s night, night of enchantment)

92. “¡Feliz Noche de los Muertos!” (Happy Night of the Dead!)

93. “Brujas a la vista.” (Witches in sight)


94. “Bonbons ou bêtises!” (Candy or mischief!)

95. “La nuit des sorcières est là.” (The witches’ night is here)

96. “Joyeux Halloween à tous!” (Happy Halloween to all!)


97. “Süßes oder Saures!” (Sweet or sour!)

98. “Buh! Hast du Angst?”(Boo! Are you scared?)

99.“Hexen sind die besten Freundinnen.”(Witches are the best friends.)


100.“Dolcetto o scherzetto?”(Treat or trick?)

101.“Halloween è qui!”(Halloween is here!)

102.“Questa notte è magica.”(This night is magical.)


103.”Doces ou travessuras?” (Trick or treat?)

104.”Feliz Dia das Bruxas!” (Happy Halloween!)

105.”Noite de sustos e diversão!” (Night of frights and fun!)


106.”Trick or treat? Geef me iets lekkers om te eten!” (Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat!)

107.”Spooktaculair plezier op Halloweenavond” (“Spooktacular fun on Halloween evening”)

108.”De heksen zijn uit vanavond” (“The witches are out tonight”)


109.“トリックオアトリート!” (

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