50+ Heartfelt Military Christmas Quotes, Wishes, and Messages [2023]

It’s almost Christmas! This is the time we tell people we care a lot and we love them. This is really important for our military friends who can’t be at home for Christmas. They do a lot to keep us safe. We made a list of Christmas quotes, wishes, and messages just for them. These words show how much we appreciate them. If you know someone in the military, you can use these messages to make their Christmas feel special. Let’s use these nice words to make their day better.

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Military Christmas Wishes – Wishes Messages

  • “May your holidays be safe and joyful.”

  • “Freedom rings thanks to your service.”

  • “Brave souls like you make Christmas bright.”

  • “Wishing you warmth and peace this season.”

  • “Your courage brings joy to our hearts.”

  • “Grateful for your service, even at Christmas.”

  • “Merry Christmas to our heroes in uniform!”

  • “Wishing a warm, safe holiday for our troops.”

  • “A hero’s Christmas is always well-deserved.”

  • “You’re in our prayers during the festivities.”

  • “Thank you for safeguarding our celebrations!”

  • “Our gratitude extends beyond the holidays.”

  • “We remember you as we gather together.”

  • “You make it possible to celebrate in peace.”

  • “Blessings and strength to those far from home!”

  • “May the holiday spirit find you wherever you are!”

  • “Our freedom is the best gift – thank you!”

  • “We honor your sacrifice during this season.”

  • “Heartfelt wishes for a peaceful holiday time.”

  • “Together in spirit despite miles apart.”

  • “With deepest appreciation for all that you do.”

  • “Hoping Santa finds his way to every barracks!”

  • “Christmas cheer for those who keep us secure!”

  • “No matter where duty calls, we’re with you in spirit!”

  • “Miles away, but close at heart this season.”

  • “A silent night of gratitude for your service.”

  • “Wishing love and support from afar.”

  • “Safety and peace await our brave soldiers!”

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Short Military Christmas Quotes

  • “Home is where the heart is, even on duty.”

  • “Freedom’s light shines brighter at Christmas.”

  • “Your service brings joy to our world.”

  • “Sacrifice and courage define a military Christmas.”

  • “Heroes in uniform make holidays bright.”

  • “Our hearts are with you this festive.”

  • “Thankful for those who protect our yuletide cheer.”

  • “Blessings and gratitude for our troops at Christmas.”

  • “Wishing peace on earth to all who serve.”

  • “All is calm, all is bright, thanks to you.”

  • “You’re in our thoughts as we celebrate together.”

  • “A soldier’s spirit makes the holidays special.”

  • “We toast to your bravery during Christmastime.”

  • “Merry moments made possible by your dedication.”

  • “Our freedom bells ring with gratitude!”

  • “The gift of security wrapped in selflessness!”

  • “Warmest wishes from home while you serve abroad!”

  • “A hero’s holiday deserves endless celebration.”

  • “Celebrating joyfully, knowing you keep us safe.”

  • “With honor and pride, we remember your sacrifices.”

  • “Your devotion brings hope during this season of love.”

  • “Holiday lights shine for those standing guard!”

  • “Our heroes’ presence felt near or far!”

  • “Together in spirit despite the distance between us!”

  • “No greater gift than the love of a soldier at Christmas!”

  • “We’re united through hope during this festive time!”

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Military Christmas Quotes Funny

  • “Even on duty, Santa’s got your six.”

  • “Jingle all the way – to the barracks!”

  • “May your Christmas as stealthy as you are.”

  • “MREs: The military’s version of Christmas cookies.”

  • “Festive camouflage for a holly jolly soldier!”

  • “Christmas fun, military-style – who needs snow?”

  • “Sleigh bells or reveille? You decide.”

  • “‘Twas the night before deployment… still festive!”

  • “Santa’s sleigh has nothing on military vehicles.”

  • “Holiday rations: Dashing through the chow!”

  • “All I want for Christmas is new boots and better MREs!”

  • “Deck the halls with boughs of camo!”

  • “Don’t worry; Santa knows your coordinates!”

  • “Do reindeer follow marching orders too?”

  • “Secret Santa: Military Intelligence Edition.”

  • “A soldier’s carol: ‘O Camo Tree!'”

  • “You know you’re in the military when Rudolph has rank!”

  • “Eggnog in canteens? Why not?”

  • “Just like Santa, our troops deliver worldwide!”

  • “Barracks decorating contest – Go big or go home!”

  • “‘You’ll shoot your eye out’ takes on new meaning here.”

  • “Wishing you holiday cheer from foxhole to mess hall.”

  • “Tactical tinsel – it’s a thing, right?”

  • “If only we could deploy mistletoe strategically…”

  • “A well-trained elf is basically a soldier, right?”

  • “We take ‘Operation Silent Night’ very seriously.”

  • “Gingerbread platoon ready for action!”

  • “‘I’m dreaming of a green camouflaged Christmas.'”

  • “Yes, Virginia – even soldiers believe in Santa Claus!”

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