60+ Inspiring LDS Quotes about Christmas : Inspire Your Holiday Season [2023]

Christmas time is here again! It’s a time of joy, love, and being together with family. We see lots of lights, Christmas trees, and wait for Santa. But, Christmas means more than that. For people in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), it’s a special time to remember Jesus Christ’s teachings. LDS leaders have said many things about Christmas that help us understand its real meaning. These quotes remind us of God’s love for us and how we should live with kindness and belief. No matter if you’ve been in the LDS church for a long time or just a little while, these quotes can help you feel the spirit of Christmas even more.

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Short Lds Quotes About Christmas


  •  “Christmas is the spirit of giving without expecting anything in return.”

  •  “Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, full of love for others.”

  •  “A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love.”

  •  “The magic of Christmas lies not in the presents but in His presence.”

  •  “Heaven and earth shall sing His praises at Christmastime and always.”

  •  “When we keep the spirit of Christmas, we keep the Spirit of Christ.”

  •  “Christmas isn’t just a day; it’s a frame of mind filled with love and kindness.”

  •  “Jesus is the reason for this joyous season – let us celebrate His birth!”

  •  “Light the world this Christmas by following Jesus Christ’s example.”

  •  “Celebrate the birth of our Savior; let His light shine in your life.”

  •  “The best gifts come from above, wrapped in love and sent with divine purpose.”

  •  “Wise men still seek Him – find Christ this Christmas season.”

  •  “At Christmas time, hearts are opened wide to receive His blessings.”

  •  “Let every heart prepare Him room this holiday season.”

  •  “The true meaning of Christmas lies within our hearts as we celebrate our Savior’s birth.”

  •  “A babe was born to save us all; may we follow Him throughout our lives.”

  •  “O come let us adore Him, Christ, our Lord and King.”

  •  “Share goodwill towards all during this festive season by reflecting on Jesus’ teachings.”

  •  “Deck your halls with faith and gladness as you rejoice in His birth.”

  •  “May your days be merry and bright as you walk with Christ this Yuletide season.”

  • “Joy to the world! Our Savior has come!”

  •  “Peace on Earth begins when we invite Christ into our hearts.”

  • “The gift of Christ’s birth is one that continues to give throughout eternity.”  

  • “Embrace the wonder and awe of the first Christmas night.”

  •  “May we find joy in the simple, sacred moments this holiday season.”

  • “Angels sing ‘Hallelujah!’ as we commemorate His wondrous birth.”

  •  “Love was born on Christmas day – let it reside in your heart always.”

  • “Let us be mindful of those less fortunate during this season of giving and sharing.”

  • “Christmas is a time to reflect on Jesus’ life and how we can follow in His footsteps.”

  • “As you celebrate this special season, may your heart be filled with gratitude for the precious gift of our Savior.”

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LDS Quotes About Christmas Love


  • “Christmas love is the purest expression of God’s love for us through the birth of His Son.”

  • “Let the spirit of Christmas love fill our hearts and as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.”

  • “Love was born that sacred night when our Savior entered this world to save us all.”

  • “The greatest gift can share this Christmas is the love Christ has shown to each one of us.”

  • “As we gather with loved ones, may we extend Christ’s loving embrace to those around us.”

  • “In this season of giving, let us remember true love comes from following Jesus’ example.”

  • “Our hearts are filled with Christmas love when we serve others in Christ-like ways.”

  • “Love shines brightest during Christmas time as we reflect on our Savior’s divine birth.”

  • “The spirit of Christmas love is found in the joy and peace brought by our Savior’s arrival.”

  • “Christmas is a time to open our hearts and share God’s unconditional love with all people.”

  • “When you give and receive gifts, remember that true love lies in Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation.”

  • “To experience the joyous essence of Christmas, let your heart be guided by Christ’s boundless love.”

  • “As you rejoice in His birth, remember that it symbolizes a new beginning filled with hope and eternal love.”

  • “In every act of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness during this season, you embody the spirit of Christmas Love.”

  • “We find comfort in knowing that Christ loves each one unconditionally; let’s spread such unwavering affection among others too!”

  • “This holiday season, may your home be filled with warmth, laughter—and most importantly—love inspired by Jesus’ teachings.”

  • “Embrace the purest form of affection given by Heavenly Father – His Son – who taught us how to truly cherish one another!”

  • “The miracle behind every twinkling light or beautifully wrapped present is a reminder of God’s undying devotion towards mankind.”

  • “Just like cherished ornaments and carols passed down through generations, let’s keep the love of Christ alive in our hearts.”

  • “Love is the essence of Christmas – a time when we extend compassion and share blessings with others in honor of Jesus.”

  • “Christmas love is about giving our time, attention, and care to those who need it most.”

  • “May your heart be filled with heavenly joy as you experience the true meaning of Christmas love this season.”

  • “The warmth that radiates from every act of kindness during Christmas reflects our Savior’s infinite love for us.”

  • “As we celebrate His birth, let’s strive to emulate Christ’s selflessness and devotion by expressing His benevolence within our hearts!”

  • “Our understanding of God’s unconditional affection grows stronger when we witness the spirit of Christmas love all around us!”

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LDS Quotes of Encouragement


  • “Trust God’s plan, even in uncertainty.”

  • “God believes in you; believe in yourself.”

  • “Rely on faith to overcome life’s challenges.”

  • “With Christ, all things are possible.”

  • “Heavenly Father is always by your side.”

  • “You’re never alone with God’s love and guidance.”

  • “Be still and trust God’s timing.”

  • “Inspire others through your unwavering faith.”

  • “Heavenly Father sees your worth.”

  • “Believe in miracles, for they do exist.”

  • “Fear not; God is with you always.”

  • “Your strength lies within your faith.”

  • “Hold onto hope; brighter days await.”

  • “The Lord will light your path.”

  • “In every challenge, find a blessing.”

  • “Growth comes from enduring trials faithfully.”

  • “Faith can move mountains; never doubt it!”

  • “When weary, lean on the Lord’s strength.”

  • “The storms of life bring spiritual growth.”

  • “You are capable of great things with God’s help!”

  • “Don’t lose heart – trust His plan!”

  • “With prayer and perseverance, miracles happen!”

  • “The Lord will carry you through troubled waters.”

  • “One step at a time – He’s guiding you!”

  • “Doubt not, fear not – He’s got this!”

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