Jon Pardi Captions & Lyrics for Instagram [2024]


Jon Pardi is a famous singer in his country. Many people used his Captions and quotes for social media posts like Instagram and Facebook. Use the best, unique, and cute Jon caption to make your most attractive and famous. Here is the bundle of Pardi caption selection and use in your stories.

  • “Just another heartache in waiting, just another sweet-talking dream that ends in lonely nights.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Blame it on the whiskey, blame it on a song; guess I must be missing you all night long.”

  • “Head over boots for you.”

  • “Can’t turn off what turns me on.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Chasing that freedom, chasing that feeling that got gone too soon.”

  • “It ain’t always a cowboy who rides away.”

  • “Nothing like a little you and me low key.”

  • “Guess I’m lucky for all I got, baby I know… Ain’t got no trouble livin’ life single but sometimes single gets a little bit old.”

  • “Yeah we’re just dirt on the boots but look at us now.”

  • “We’re all just stars of our own backyard barbeque show.”

  • “I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight; I wanna love you and hold you tight.”

  • “Gonna wrap my arms around my baby’s waist; Sitting here waiting on the sunset to chase.”

  • “Ain’t no reason running after something already gone.”

  • “She ain’t even looking when she’s walking out the door; And she’ll dance when she drinks, and she’ll laugh out loud…”

  • “The way your fingers fit in mine is five plus five not rocket science.”

  • “Got no troubles with love…But every time I get some it leaves me more lost than found.”

  • “This ain’t my first rodeo…”

  • “She’s shining like a diamond ring- She could make a grown man cry!”

  • “Me and Jack go way back…”

  • “Blue ribbon bottle let’s forget her!”

  • “Sunshine is dancing on her skin…”

  • “Baby, don’t blame it on the neon!”

  • “She’s my poolside, long-time summer sunshine sippin’, sittin’ with me by the water.”

  • “Just Me and Jack in the saddle again.”

  • “I got my dirt road cred when I was twelve, on a no cab tractor hauling them bails.”

  • “Can’t outrun these roots even if I wanted to..”

  • “You know if I had a choice…Yeah, you’d still be mine.”

  • “Love her like she ain’t ever been loved before…”

  • “Got a heart that won’t stop loving”

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Jon Pardi Lyrics for Captions

  •  “Yeah, I’m just ‘dirt on my boots’ with a heart full of dreams.” – Jon Pardi

  • “We’re all just a bunch of ‘Heartache On The Dance Floor’.” – Jon Pardi

  •  “I’m head over boots for you.” – Jon Pardi

  • “‘Ain’t always the cowboy that’s long gone’ but I’ll stay strong.” – Jon Pardi

  •  “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride!” – Jon Pardi

  • “Every night is Friday night without you.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Let’s chase that one more kiss, it don’t get better than this.” – Jon Pardi

  • “She ain’t just over me, she’s over me and my kind.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Night’s finally fallen on this old dirt road town.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Yeah, I’m a helluva a good bad idea for you.” – Jon Pardi

  •  “You’re always gonna fly away, just because you know you.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Cowboy hat with a pretty pink bow, old blue jeans with a hole in the knee.” – Jon Pardi

  • “What I Can’t Put Down” is what’s been picking me up.” – Jon Pardi

  • “Let’s chase that one more kiss with another goodbye.”- Jon Pardi

  •  “It ain’t always the cowboy that rides away.” – Jon Pardi

  • “One beer turns into a lit cigarette burnin into a two beer buzz.” – Jon Pardi

  • “I’m gonna dance her home and make her mine.” – Jon Pardi

  • “It’s time to switch it over from a little sad to hella happy” – Jon Pardi

  •  “Well there’s no denying baby you sure do swing.” – Jon Pardi

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