150+ Halloween Captions & Quotes For Instagram [2023]

Halloween is a well-known event in which many people participate. They attempt to make it more entertaining and frightening. Numerous individuals share posts on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, using various captions. Halloween captions can be funny, scary, or emotional. During this event, people send these to their friends, family, and community. The more unique the Halloween is, the more distinctive your post becomes.

1. “Getting into the full spirit of Halloween.”

2. “Ghouls just want to have fun!”

3. “Halloween is not a holiday… it’s a lifestyle.”

4. “Beware of the night, it’s spooktacular.”

5. “I’m just here for the boos and the candy.”

6. “Feeling witchy this Halloween night.”

7. “Creepin’ it real this October 31st.”

8. “Spooky season is upon us, let’s get haunted!”

9. “Trick or Treat Yo’Self!”

10. “Life with you is just like a dream, sweet and full of treats!”

11. “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

12.”Eat, drink and be scary!”

13.”Halloween mode: On”

14.”Just hanging out with my ghoulfriends”

15.”Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen on All Hallows’ Eve”

16.”Too cute to spook!”

17.”The ghostess with mostess”

18.”Boo from the crew!”

19.“Straight Outta Coffin.”

20.“You’ve got me under your spell.”

21.“A wee bit wicked!”

22.“This is my magic happy potion!”

23.“Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!”

24.“Hey there, pumpkin!”

25.“Witching you a Happy Halloween.”

26.“If you think I’m a witch, you should meet my sister.”

27.”I can’t be held responsible for stolen candy.”

28.”Squad ghouls”

29.”Let’s carve out some memories”

30.”Happy Howl-o-ween”

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🎃Short Halloween Captions for Instagram

1. “Creep it real this Halloween!”

2. “Ghouls just wanna have fun.”

3. “Trick or treat yourself!”

4. “Boo-tiful night out.”

5. “Spooktacular vibes only.”

6. “Witching you a Happy Halloween!”

7. “Ghostly greetings!”

8. “Fangs for the memories.”

9. “Bugs and hisses, everyone!”

10. “I’m here for the boos.”

11. “#Squadghouls”

12.”Feeling fantastically frightful!”

13.”Haunted but well-dressed!”

14.”Ready, set, ghoul!”

15.”Happy Howl-oween!”

16.”Candy collector extraordinaire!”

17.”Too cute to be spooky!”

18.”Life is gourd when it’s Halloween!”

19.”Stay wicked my friends!”

20.”Eat, drink and be scary tonight.”

21.“If you’ve got it, haunt it.”

22.“Keep calm and scream on.”

23.“Witch way to the candy?”

24.“No tricks, just treats!”

25.“Hocus Pocus and chill?”

26.”Mummy of the year”

27.”Living my best afterlife”

28.”Be witched!”

29.”Bad to the bone”

30.”Spooky season’s greetings”

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👻Instagram Halloween Captions for Friends

1. “Creeping it real with my main ghouls.”

2. “Bewitching the night away with my besties.”

3. “Who needs Halloween candy when I have such sweet friends?”

4. “Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus with my crew.”

5. “With friends like these, every day is Halloween!”

6. “#SquadGhouls at their finest.”

7. “My boos and I are ready for some frightful fun!”

8.”Fright night out with my favorite goblins.”

9.”Causing chaos and conjuring candy with the crew!”

10.”We’ve got spirits, yes we do!”

11.”Broommates for life!”

12.“These are the ghoul times.”

13.“Cutest pumpkin in the patch.”

14.“This is where you run away.”

15.“Creepin’ it real since 2023.”

16.“Life is better in costume.”

17.“The only thing getting ‘lit’ this weekend are our jack-o-lanterns.”

18.”Hanging with the witches”

19.”Witchful thinking”

20.”Ready to get sheet faced?”

21.”Scary good times”

22.”Best fiends forever”

23.”Come as you aren’t party”

24.”I’m under your spell now!”

25.”Pick your poison, darling!”

26.”Bone to be wild!”

27.”Life’s a witch and then you fly!”

28.”We’re too cute to spook!”

29.”Boo-tiful memories with boo-tiful people!”

30.”No tricks, just treats & friends!”

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😀Funny Instagram Captions for Halloween

1. “I’m just here for the boos.”

2. “Witch better have my candy.”

3. “Trick or tequila!”

4. “If you’ve got it, haunt it.”

5. “Straight outta coffin!”

6. “Ghouls gone wild!”

7. “#SquashGoals”

8.”Fangs for the memories.”

9.”You’re never too old to beg for free candy!”

10.”If zombies chase us, I am tripping you up first!”

11.”This Halloween costume is lacking vitamin me.”

12.”Zombies eat brains, so I guess I am safe.”

13.“Here today, ghoul tomorrow.”

14.“Just witchful thinking.”

15.“I’m here for the boos.”

16.”Boo Felicia”

17.”Creepin’ it real”

18.”Bad to the bone”

19.”Life’s a witch”

20.”Ghostest with the mostest”

21.”I can’t be held responsible for stolen candy… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

22.”Halloween calories don’t count, right?”

23.”Having a ‘gourd’ time this Halloween!”

24.”Being normal is vastly overrated!”

25.”[Insert bad pun about pumpkins].”

26.“Eat, drink and be scary…then take an antacid.”

27.“Witch way did he go?”

28.“Hey boo-tiful!”

29.“Is there room on your broomstick?”

30.“This isn’t a ghost costume…it’s just my face without makeup!”

👹Spooky Captions for Instagram

1. “Something wicked this way comes.”

2. “Dead men tell no tales.”

3. “The moon has awoken, with the sleep of the sun. The light has been broken; the spell has begun.”

4. “I’m here for the frights and feels.”

5. “Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us…”

6. “Welcome to our nightmare.”

7. “Shadows mutter, mist replies; darkness purrs as midnight sighs.”

8.”It’s a haunted hootenanny!”

9.”Beware of what lurks in the dark…”

10.”When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

11.“Bump in the night like you mean it!”

12.“This place is a ghost town.”

13.“Where my ghouls at?”

14.“Feeling gourdgeous tonight!”

15.”The witching hour is near”

16.”Enter if you dare”

17.”Scare them off your path”

18.”Fright Night just got real”

19.”Graveyard smash hit”

20.”Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: Awaken the spirits with your tambourine!”

21.”A chill runs up your spine… it’s just mummy dearest!”

22.”Resting witch face activated!”

23.”Caution! Ghost crossing ahead!”

24.”Witchful thinking won’t save you now!”

25.Come for the boo’s stay for the stories.

26.Beware: Enter at your own risk!

27.Welcome to my web…

28.Every time I avoid eating candy…the candy bar looks at me Snickers!

29.They’re creepy & they’re kooky.

30.Spooked ya!

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☠️Halloween Scary Captions For Social Media 

1. “Enter if you dare, this spooky lair.”

2. “Till death do us part… literally.”

3. “Creeping and crawling is the way of the night.”

4. “The shadows are where our secrets lie.”

5. “Don’t look behind you.”

6. “Something wicked lurks in the dark…”

7. “A chill in the air, a shriek in the night, who dares to give such a fright?”

8.”Welcome to my nightmare… don’t wake me up!”

9.”Tonight, we feast on fear!”

10.”There’s no escaping now!”

11.“Keep calm and carry garlic.”

12.“Beware: I am fearless and therefore powerful.”

13.”When there’s no more room in hell, shall the dead walk on earth”

14.“Darkness falls across the land…”

15.”I am all in a sea of wonders”

16.”We make up horrors to help us cope with real ones”

17.”Monsters don’t sleep under your bed—they sleep inside your head!”

18.“Welcome to my horror show”

19.“I hear dead people…”

20.”Frightfully delightful”

21.”This isn’t just Halloween… it’s an eternal scream!”

22.”It’s all fun and games until someone raises the dead!”

23.”Expecting things to get eerie tonight!”

24.”These haunted tales will send shivers down your spine!”

25.”Where there is no imagination, there is fear”

26.There’s something haunting in the night…

27.Ghostly Greetings!

28.Beware! The spirits are out tonight.

29.The silence of darkness whispers chilling tales.

30.Where every creak and every chill sends shivers down your spine…

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📑Captions for Cute Halloween

1. “Keep calm and say boo.”

2. “Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.”

3. “This is no trick, I’m just this sweet.”

4. “Cutest pumpkin in the patch!”

5. “You’re my favorite boo!”

6. “Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me.”

7. “Witchful thinking!”

8.”I’m here for the boos and the adorable costumes.”

9.”Feeling gourd-geous!”

10.”Mummy’s little monster looking cute as can be!”

11.“Boo-tiful beyond words.”

12.“Sweeter than any Halloween candy.”

13.”Fang-tastic fun with my little one”

14.”My broomstick runs on giggles”

15.”Bugs and hisses, cutie!”

16.“Ghouls just want to have fun!”

17.“Totally fa-boo-lous!”

18.“Too cute to spook!”

19.”Ready for my close-up”

20.”A real cutie pie… pumpkin pie, that is”

21.”I’ve got the magic in me…and it’s all sparkle dust!”

22.”Cute costume alert!”

23.”Halloween: where ‘candy coma’ becomes a legitimate excuse!”

24.Fall la la la!

25.Witch better have my candy.

26.Little Monster on duty.

27.Sweet on the outside, spooky on the inside.

28.Cutest pumpkin in the patch.

29.Happy Howl-O-Ween!

30.Ready for some paws-itively spooky fun!

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🏦Halloween Slogans and Taglines For Small Businesses

1. “We put the ‘boo’ in boutique!”

2. “Serving up treats, not tricks.”

3. “Your one-stop shop for wickedly good deals.”

4. “Making your Halloween spook-tacularly stylish.”

5. “Where every item is a treat.”

6. “Get your scare on here!”

7. “Unmasking great deals this Halloween.”

8. “Spooky savings inside!”

9. “Don’t be scared to save!”

10.“Let us bewitch you with our prices.”

11.”Creepy but cute, that’s our style.”

12.”Shop with us… if you dare!”

13.”Fall into savings this Halloween season!”

14.”Your magic potion for unique finds!”

15.”Halloween chic at freakishly good prices!”

16.“Your ghostly guide to great bargains.”

17.“Don’t be haunted by regret, come shop with us!”

18.“This way to the witchin’ kitchen of deals!”

19.”No tricks, just treats and terrific savings”

20.”Hocus pocus – time to focus on our sale”

21.”Where black cats prance and pumpkins gleam, find incredible deals at [Your Business Name]!”

22.”Our selection will leave you spellbound!”

23.”[Business Name]: A shopping experience so delightful it’s scary!”

24.”Wicked cool finds at hauntingly low prices!”

25.Looking for a boo-tiful bargain? Stop by!

26.Come in for a spell…and some great discounts.

27.Find your perfect trick or treat treasures here!

28.Our selection is so tempting, it’s frightful.

29.Haunt our aisles for the best Halloween deals!

🎃Halloween Captions for Spooky Season Instagrams

1. “Staying spooky, no need for hocus pocus.”

2. “Feeling witchy and ready to bewitch!”

3. “Boo-tiful night, isn’t it?”

4. “Creepin’ it real this Halloween.”

5. “If you’ve got it, haunt it!”

6. “Eat, drink and be scary!”

7. “Straight outta coffin.”

8. “Trick or treat yourself!”

9. “Broom hair, don’t!”

10. “Ghostly greetings from me to you.”

11. “Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.”

12. “A haunted heart makes for a boo-tiful soul.”

13. “Candy collectors on the prowl.”

14.-“Keep calm and carry a wand.”

15.-“Oh! I’m so sorry – I thought that was your costume.”

16.-“Life is gourd when it’s Halloween.”

17.-“I’m here for the boo’s”

18.-“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.”

19.-“Living life on the fright side.”

20.-“Carving out some good times.”

21.-“Having a fang-tastic night!”

22.-“Too cute to spook.”

23-“Squad ghouls.”

24-“Hey there, pumpkin!”

25-“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen.”

26-“Something wicked this way comes.”

27-“‘Witching’ you a Happy Halloween.”

28-“Every day is Halloween isn’t it? For some of us…”

29-“Good evening my pretties!”

30-“Sugar high in progress – watch out!”

📝Quotes from Movies and Literature for Halloween

1. “I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I am your worst dream come true.” – Pennywise, It

2. “It’s Halloween; everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” – Sheriff Leigh Brackett, Halloween

3. “We’re all mad here.” – Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

4. “Be afraid… Be very afraid.” – The Fly

5. “There’s only 365 days left until next Halloween!” – The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. “Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” – Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown

7. “I see dead people” – Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense

8. “When the spooks have a midnight jamboree/They break it up with fiendish glee/The ghosts are bad but the one that’s cursed/Is the headless horseman; he’s the worst” – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad.

9.“Whatever you do… don’t fall asleep.” – A Nightmare on Elm Street.

10.“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” – William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

11.”Listen to them — children of the night. What music they make!”– Bram Stoker, Dracula.

12.“It’s alive! It’s alive!”- Frankenstein.

13.“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and autumn moon is bright.”-The Wolf Man.

14.“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”– J.K.Rowling, Harry Potter Series.

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