100+ Halloween Captions And Halloween Sayings For Your Friends [2023]

A friend is the most precious thing in the world. However, he may forget his friends during events. Tag your friends on Instagram and use the best and most unique captions for them. Friends are very close to us, so they deserve excellent and exclusive captions.

1. “Ghouls just wanna have fun!”

2. “Boo, Felicia.”

3. “Halloween is not a holiday… it’s a lifestyle.”

4. “Creepin’ it real with my witches.”

5. “If you’ve got it, haunt it.”

6. “We’re here for the boos.”

7. “Squad ghouls.”

8. “Too cute to spook!”

9. “#Squadghouls”

10. “Broom hair, don’t care.”

11. “Best witches on the block!”

12. “Living our best afterlife.”

13.“Swiped right on this haunted house.”

14.”Trick or treat yo’ self!”

15.”Spooky season with my favorite pumpkins in the patch!”

16.”Full moon, full hearts, can’t lose!”

17.”Hey boo-tiful friends!”

18.”Fangs for the memories”

19.“Witch better have my candy”.

20.Caught in our web of friendship”.

21.“Monsters turned BFFs”.

22.”Spooktacular Friends”.

23.“It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus”

24.“Eat, drink and be scary”

25.”Ghostest with the mostest”

Best Halloween Captions And Halloween Sayings

26.”Vampires can’t do selfies… they don’t reflect in mirrors”

27.Friends who slay together stay together”

28.”When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam… we’re ready for Halloween!”

29.”Friends who scare together stay together”

30.“Always witching you were here”.

31. “No tricks, just treats and friendship.”

32. “Ghouls by day, witches by night.”

33. “We’re the pick of the pumpkin patch!”

34. “Frightfully delightful friends forever.”

35. “Witchful thinking with my coven.”

36. “Life is gourd when we’re together.”

37. “We’re too cool for ghoul school.”

38. “Bewitched from the start!”

39. ”Hanging with my ghoulfriends”

40.”Creeping it real in our costumes”

41.“May your Halloween be as on point as our makeup”

42.“A real witch is nothing without her ghoul friends”

43.”Keep calm and scare on”

44.”Life with you is a never-ending spooktacular”

45.“You say witch like it’s a bad thing”

46.“The ghostess with the mostest”

47.”Just hanging out with my boo crew”

48.”Let’s have a fang-tastic night!”

49.“Mischief managed”.

50.”Rolling with the pumpkin squad”

51.“Something wicked this way comes…”

52.”Where there is no imagination, there is no horror”.

53.”Sugar, spice and everything not so nice”.

54.”Turning the scare factor up to ‘boo’!”

55.”My broomstick runs on laughter and friendship”

56.”With friends like these, who needs ghosts?”

57.”You can’t sit with us… unless you’re a witch”.

58.”This bond doesn’t vanish at midnight.”

59.“Friends that spook together stay together”.

60.“Unboolievable fun times with them”.

61. “Our friendship is magical, just like this night.”

62. “Casting spells and creating memories.”

63. “The only thing we have to fear is running out of candy.”

64. “A boo-tiful bond”.

65. “We’re a packaged deal, like tricks and treats.”

66. “You can’t handle our witchcraft”

67. “This crew takes Halloween very ‘vampire’ serious”

68. “I’m here for the boos…and my friends”

69.”If you think I’m a witch, you should meet my squad”

70.”Fright Night with my Day Ones”

71.“Witch better recognize our squad”

72.“Only bad witches can drive stick.”

73.”Who needs superheroes when you have these monsters?”

74.”No one does Halloween like we do”

75.“We’re too old for trick or treating… too young to die!”

76.”Spooky vibes only with this crew!”

77.”Friends who slay together, stay together.”

78.”Straight Outta Coffin”

79.“Living the scream”

80.”Getting into some ‘hocus pocus’ with them”

81.”Everyday is Halloween when I’m with my besties!”

82.”They bring out the ‘ghoul’ in me”

83.“Too ghoul for school.”

84.”We’ve got it and we haunt it!”

85.“Just creepin’ it real with my ghouls”

86.”Feelin’ fang-cy with these ones”.

87.“Never fully dressed without a wand”.

88.”The only thing that scares us is losing each other.”

89.”When every day becomes a horror story…”.

90.”Hanging with the best ghouls in town”.

91. “Bewitched and bedazzled by our friendship.”

92. “I put a spell on you, and now we’re friends forever!”

93. “We go together like Halloween and candy corn.”

94. “Here for the boos, staying for the screams.”

95. “Trick or treat? More like trick or friendship.”

96. “Ghoulish pals, spooky times.”

97. “Vampin’ it up with my ghoulfriends.”

98. “If the broom fits, fly it!”

99.”Boos on parade”

100.”Pumpkin spice and everything nice”

101.“The adventures of Frankenstein’s monsters”

102.“Forever charmed by these witches”

103.”From dust to dust – life’s better with friends you trust”

104.”Hanging with my creeps”

105.“Spooky bonds never die”.

106.”Our friendship is more enchanting than a full moon night”

107.”Reality is scarier than any costume”

108.“We’re just here for the boos!”

109.”Bad to the bone crew”.

110.”Ghostly giggles from ghoulish friends”

111.“I’m here for the boos…and them too.”

112.”Keeping our spirits up!”

113.”You can’t spook us, we stick together!”

114.”Having a gourd time with my besties!”

115.”Raising some ‘spirits’ tonight”.

116.”Eat, drink & be scary!”

117.“Crazy crypt crew”.

118.“Friends that scare together stay together”.

119.“Getting sheet-faced with my fav ghouls”.

120.”Life’s a witch when I’m without them”.

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 Halloween Instagram Captions for Friends in Different Languages


1. “Gruseliger Spaß mit meinen Freunden!” (Scary fun with my friends!)

2. “Wir sind hier für die Buhs!” (We’re here for the boos!)

3. “Gespenstisch gute Zeiten mit den Besten.” (Spookily good times with the best.)


4. “¡Brujas por la noche, amigas para siempre!” (Witches by night, friends forever!)

5. “No hay trucos, solo dulces y amistad.” (No tricks, just treats and friendship.)

6. “Estamos aquí para los sustos.” (We’re here for the scares.)


7. “Des amis qui font peur ensemble restent ensemble.” (Friends who scare together stay together.)

8. “Rester effrayant avec mes sorcières préférées.” (Keeping scary with my favorite witches.)

9. “On est plus mignons que effrayants!” (We’re more cute than scary!)


10. “Amici che spaventano insieme, rimangono insieme.” (Friends who scare together stay together.)

11.“Streghe di notte ,amici per sempre” (Witches at night, friends forever)

12.“Siamo qui per i dolcetti e le amicizie spaventose” We are here for treats and scary friendships)


13.“Amigos que assustam juntos permanecem juntos” Friends that scare together stay together.

14.“Bruxas à noite , amigos para sempre” Witches at night ,friends forever.

15.“Estamos aqui pelas travessuras e doces” We are here for the tricks and treats.


16.“Vrienden die samen schrikken, blijven samen” Friends that scare together stay together.

17.“Heksen ‘s nachts, vrienden voor altijd” Witches at night ,friends forever.

18.“We zijn hier voor de snoepjes en enge vriendschappen” We are here for the candy and scary friendships.

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