Merry Christmas Cousin Quotes for a Joyful Holiday Season

Christmas is a time to spread love. It’s when we tell our family how much we care about them. Cousins are often our first friends. So, as Christmas gets closer, you might be looking for the right words to tell your cousin “Merry Christmas”. This blog post is all about that! Here, we share some simple yet heartfelt “Merry Christmas Cousin Quotes”. These quotes will help you tell your cousin how much they mean to you. They are easy to understand and can make your Christmas wishes more special.

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Christmas Wishes For Cousins – Funny, Heartfelt & More

  • “Dear cousin, may your Christmas be filled with laughter and joy!”

  • “Wishing my favourite cousin a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!”

  • “May this Christmas bring you all the happiness in the world, dear cousin.”

  • “Here’s to creating more cherished memories with you this holiday season, cousin!”

  • “Cheers to many more festive moments with my amazing cousin!”

  • “Cousin, may your stocking overflow with joy and laughter this Christmas.”

  • “To my partner in crime—Merry Christmas and let’s make more mischief together!”

  • “A very Merry Christmas to the coolest cousin around!”

  • “Cousins like you make the holidays extra special. Merry Christmas!”

  • “To my best friend and cousin: Wishing you a magical holiday season.”

  • “Our bond grows stronger every year. Merry Christmas, dear cousin!”

  • “Just like Santa’s elves, we cousins stick together! Wishing you happy holidays.”

  • “I couldn’t imagine spending the holidays without my favourite cousin. Cheers to us!”

  • “Sending warm hugs & lots of love for a joyful Yuletide season, dear cuz!”

  • “Merry everything & happy always – Here’s what I wish for you and our family!”

  • “Our shared childhood memories will always be cherished! Wishing you a holly jolly Xmas!”

  • “Cousins by chance, friends by choice – Let’s celebrate another wonderful year together!”

  • “Warmest wishes for a fun-filled holiday season spent with those who matter most.”

  • “You’re not just family; you’re the reason why our Christmases are so much brighter!”

  • “Cousin mine! Let’s celebrate our amazing friendship & family ties during these festive days.”

  • “The gift of having a loving cousin is priceless! Sending heartfelt wishes your way.”

  • “Your presence lights up every celebration! Can’t wait to spend Xmas Eve together again.”

  • “No matter how far apart we are this year, know that I’m sending love & good tidings from miles away.”

  • “May the magic of Christmas sparkle in your heart & bring warmth and happiness to you and your loved ones.”

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Merry Christmas Cousin Quotes Short

  • “Merry Christmas, cousin! Here’s to a joyous holiday season.”

  • “Season’s greetings, dear cousin! Wishing you love and cheer.”

  • “Have a holly jolly Christmas, my favourite cousin!”

  • “Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you, dear cousin.”

  • “Wishing you a magical holiday season filled with laughter and joy, cousin!”

  • “Merry Christmas to my wonderful cousin and lifelong friend.”

  • “To my amazing cousin: May your Christmas be as special as you are!”

  • “Celebrating family and friendship this Christmas with my favourite cuz!”

  • “Sending warm wishes for a bright and merry Christmas, dear cousin!”

  • “To the one who always brings cheer – Merry Christmas, beloved cous!”

  • “Tidings of comfort and joy to my beautiful cousin this festive season.”

  • “Warmest thoughts for the happiest of holidays spent with loved ones.”

  • “Cousin mine! No one rocks around the tree like us. Merry Xmas!”

  • “You light up our lives just like twinkling fairy lights. Merry Xmas!”

  • “May your heart & home be filled with warmth & love this festive season.”

  • “Our bond is what makes every family gathering truly memorable. Merry Xmas!”

  • “Merry Christmas to the one who has been there through thick & thin!”

  • “We may not share DNA but we do share lots of love – Happy Holidays!”

  • “Wishing you peace, joy & all that sparkles during these festive days.”

  • “It’s time to celebrate our unique bond under those shimmering lights!”

  • “With cousins like you in life’s journey; it’s always Xmas-time bliss!”

  • “Let this holiday season bring lots of love & good fortune your way.”

  • “We may not see each other often; still sending warm hugs at Christmastime.”

  • “Here’s wishing endless happiness for an incredible person—Merry Xmas!”

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Merry Christmas Cousin Quotes Funny

  • “Merry Christmas, cousin! May your day be as wild as our childhood adventures!”

  • “Cousins by blood, Santa’s accomplices by choice. Merry Christmas!”

  • “Merry Christmas to my favourite partner in snowball fights and holiday mischief!”

  • “To the only cousin who could out-prank Santa, Merry Christmas!”

  • “Wishing you a tree-topping, cookie-swapping, eggnog-chugging kind of Christmas, dear cousin!”

  • “Merry Christmas! Here’s to another year of keeping each other off the naughty list.”

  • “Nothing like spending the holidays with family…and our crazy shenanigans! Merry Christmas, cuz!”

  • “‘Yule’ will always be my favourite cousin! Have a holly jolly Christmas!”

  • “Dear cousin, may your stocking overflow with laughter this year – just don’t blame me for any coal!”

  • “Remember when we used to sneak cookies meant for Santa? Here’s to more sweet memories – Merry Christmas!”

  • “Rudolph has nothing on us when it comes to lighting up the holidays! Merry Xmas, Cousin.”

  • “Cousins: The ones who teach you how to unwrap presents like a ninja! Merry Christmas”

  • “Thank goodness we’re cousins; one less awkward gift exchange this season! Happy holidays!”

  • “Hey there Cousin Claus! Wishing you a fun-filled and hilarious holiday season.”

  • “Santa knows what we did at last year’s family gathering…and he still loves us anyway! Cheers and Merry Xmas!”

  • “May your reindeer games never end this festive season – Happy Holidays from one merry cousin to another.”

  • “‘Sleigh’ all day on this joyous occasion – Happy Holidays and warmest wishes from your coolest cousin ever!”

  • “Let’s toast to having each other at every family gathering! Merry Christmas, dear cousin!”

  • “Merry Christmas to the one who always gets me into a little bit of trouble and a whole lot of fun!”

  • “Cousin, let’s deck the halls with our crazy memories! Merry Christmas!”

  • “May your tree be brighter than our childhood shenanigans. Happy Holidays from one wacky cousin to another.”

  • “I’ve heard Santa’s got a special stocking for cousins like us. Merry Christmas!”

  • “To my favourite partner-in-crime during the holiday season: Merry Christmas, Cousin!”

  • “I hope you have an elf-tastic time this year! Love, your jolliest cousin.”

  • “Wishing you a festive season fit for two nutty cousins – here’s to more laughs and cheers!”

  • “We put the ‘merry’ in ‘Merry Christmas!’ Cheers to another year of cousin chaos.”

  • “‘Tis the season for family feuds and laughing at old photos together. Happy holidays, cuz!”

  • “Dear Cousin: Wishing you as much joy as we’ve had trying to avoid getting caught by Aunt Margo under mistletoe!”

  • “Have an eggnog-sipping, cookie-munching good time – love from your favorite (and only) funny cousin.”

  • “Our shared childhood memories make every holiday merrier! Have a fantastic Christmas, beloved cousin!”

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Cousin Christmas Captions and Quotes in Other Languages

  • “Mis mejores deseos de Navidad para mi primo favorito!” (Spanish: Best Christmas wishes to my favorite cousin!)

  • “Joyeux Noël, mon cher cousin!” (French: Merry Christmas, my dear cousin!)

  • “Feliz Natal, primo! Que nossas aventuras continuem!” (Portuguese: Merry Christmas, cousin! May our adventures continue!)

  • “Buon Natale al mio cugino preferito e complice natalizio!” (Italian: Merry Christmas to my favorite cousin and holiday accomplice!)

  • “Frohe Weihnachten und viele lustige Momente wünsche ich meinem Lieblingscousin!” (German: Merry Christmas and lots of fun moments to my favorite cousin!)

  • “Vrolijk Kerstfeest voor mijn gekke en geliefde neef!” (Dutch: Merry Christmas to my crazy and beloved cousin!)

  • “God Jul, bästa kusin! Låt oss göra ännu mer julbus tillsammans!”(Swedish: Merry Christmas, best cousin! Let’s make even more holiday mischief together!)

  • “Glædelig jul til min yndlingsfætter og julepartner i forbrydelse!” (Danish: Merry Christmas to my favorite cousin and holiday partner in crime!)

  • “Hauskaa joulua rakkaimmalle serkulleni ja juhlapuuhatoverilleni!”(Finnish: Merry Christmas to my dearest cousin and festive shenanigan buddy!)

  • “Boldog karácsonyt a világ legjobb unokatestvérének és ünneplő társnak!”(Hungarian:MerryChristmas to the world’s bestcousinandcelebratorycompanion!)

  • “Wesołych Świąt dla mojego ulubionego kuzyna i wspólnika świątecznego!”(Polish:MerryChristmas tomy favoritecousinandholidayaccomplice!)

  • “Crăciun fericit, verișorul meu preferat și partenerul de sărbători!”(Romanian:MerryChristmas, myfavoritecousinandholidaypartner!)

  • “Veselé Vianoce mojej obľúbenej sesternice a spoločníka v šibalstve!” (Slovak: Merry Christmas to my favorite cousin and partner in mischief!)

  • “С Рождеством, мой любимый двоюродный брат и праздничный сообщник!” (Russian: Merry Christmas, my beloved cousin and holiday accomplice!)

  • “Mutlu Noeller sevgili kuzenim ve tatil ortağım!” (Turkish: Happy holidays dear cousin and holiday partner!)

  • “聖誕快樂,我最喜歡的表親和節日夥伴!”(Chinese Simplified: Shèngdàn kuàilè, wǒ zuì xǐhuan de biǎoqīn hé jiérì huǒbàn! – Merry Christmas, my favorite cousin and holiday partner!)”

  • “クリスマスおめでとう、大好きないとこさん、そして祝日の仲間!”(Japanese: Kurisumasu omedetō, daisuki na itoko-san, soshite shukujitsu no nakama! -Merry Christmas, dear cousin,and festivecompanion!)”

  • “크리스마스를 축하합니다.내가 가장 좋아하는 사촌과 연휴 파트너에게.”(Korean: Keuriseumaseu leul chukahabnida. Naega gajang joh-ahaneun sachon-gwa yeonhyupateuneoege. – MerryChristmas to my favoritecousinandholidaypartner!)

  • “เมอร์รี่คริสต์มาสคับผม พี่น้องที่ชื่นชอบและคู่หูในวันหยุด!”(Thai: Mer̒ rí khris̄t̒ mās khạb phxm p̄hī ǹxng thī̀ chụ̄̀n chxb læa khū̀ hū nı wạn hyud! -Merry Christmas tomybelovedcousinandholidaybuddy!)”

  • “Selamat Natal saudara sepupu kesayangan dan rekan liburan!” (Indonesian: Merry Christmas dear cousin and holiday partner!)

  • “Maging masaya sa Pasko, pinsan at kasama sa bakasyon!” (Filipino: Be happy on Christmas, cousin and vacation companion!)

  • “होलिडे संगीतकार के रूप में मेरी पसंदीदा चचेरे भाई को मेरी क्रिसमस!” (Hindi: Holīḍe san’gītakāra kē rūpa mēm merī pasandīdā cachērē bhā’ī kō merī krisamasa! – Merry Christmas to my favorite cousin as a holiday musician!)

  • “મેરી ક્રિસમસ મારા પ્રીય ભૈન અને છુટ્ટી જોડવે!” (Gujarati: Mērī krisamasa mārā prīya bhaina anē chuṭṭī jōḍavē! – Merry Christmas to my dear cousin and holiday join!)

  • “ನನ್ನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಬಂಧು ಹಾಗೂ ಆಚರಣೆ ಸುಂದರ ಕ್ರೆ.! (Kannada: Nanna prītiya bandhu hāgu ācharaṇe sunda karisamasu! – Merry Christmas to my beloved cousin and festive beauty!

  • “എൻ്റെ പ്രിയ അനുജൻ, അവധി ക്ലോബ്‌, എൻ്റെ ക്രി.!” (Malayalam: Eṇṟe priya anujan, avadhi klōb‌, eṇṟe kri.! – My dear cousin, holiday club, my Christmas!)

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